Pajaritos Clutch Gots M - Mama Tierra

Clutch made of GOTS certified cotton!

This pouch has two loops at the ends, which can be used to attach a strap to easily turn the case into a bag.

Size M: 28 cm x 20 cm x 2 cm, Tassel: 14 cm.

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GOTS certified cotton
Mama Tierra uses sustainable materials such as GOTS certified cotton yarn from Peru. Since most indigenous textiles are made from plastic based yarns, the production of the Mama Tierra accessories thus not only avoids using fossil-fuel by-products, but also contributes to a reduction in plastic waste in La Guajira, Colombia’s most rural area.

Design inspired in indigenous mythology
Birds play an important role in indigenous people’s myth. For example, believe the Wayuu that before humans lived on earth, it was ruled by birds. Even today birds like the eagle represents the Ipuana Wayuu clan. Birds stand for a mythical ancestor who emblematically marks the family groups as a totem. Venezuela is after Haiti the second poorest country in South America!

Made in Venezuela 
With your order, you are helping the Wayuu indigenous people in Venezuela to secure an income. Each design reflects elements of Mother Nature such as plants, animals, birds, the sun and the darkness. The production of the tapestry is a good source of income for the Wayuu in Venezuela. Especially, because the indigenous people earn in Colombian pesos. Thereby, escaping the high inflation rate in Venezuela.
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