Handmade with feather, laces, wool, yarn, needle lace, ribbons, crochet, mandala, beads, wooden beads.

Includes lights without battery.

Size: Diameter 35 cm.

Length: 100 cm (without the bow for hanging)

Handmade by Muak in Switzerland.

Each dreamcatcher is a unique piece - I can make a similar one, when sould out.

Please contact me at:

Tax included

The legend says that the good spirit dreams will find their way to the center and float down on the feathers to the sleeping ones.

It is a romantic piece of decoration that gives a bohemian touch to the room’s ambient - just a beautiful gift for children and/or the loved ones.

This creation is fully handcrafted with selected materials (feathers, wool, white and beige laces).

Each product is a unique piece — I can make similar ones, when sold out (but please note, that the materials/colours might slightly change)

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