Poncho Turquoise

Hand-knitted poncho from Argentina, with crochet lace.

Material: Fine wool.

Dry cleaning.

Bohemian style.

Size: 92 x 76 cm. One size.

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There are garments that, contrary to what can be believed in a first moment of a fashionista, are not only reserved for a certain season or time of the year. A good example of that? The poncho.

There are still fresh days to come.

One advantage of wearing a poncho is that if the sun suddenly shines, the rest of the outfit continues to work without it. The secret is to give practical sense to build looks in strata. In knowing that, from March to June, the days may be cloudy but nevertheless end up outdoors and with the temperatures on the rise - and vice versa. Rains included! Because that is the spring mood.

2002 PonchoTurquoise
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